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If you are a man starting to feel your age I highly recommend trying an HGH releaser. In my case I went for Provacyl because it dealt with both aging and sexual vigor. Being the skeptic that I am, I must say I was nicely surprised by the results delivered by Provacyl

John, Atlanta

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Provacyl's unique blend of ingredients works effectively to help increase the release of the body's naturally occurring Human Growth Hormone, allowing the body to prevent or even reverse the common signs of aging. Get back to your best and reclaim the lifestyle that you deserve with Provacyl.
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Provacyl is an herbal and hormonal supplement for men that are experiencing symptoms of andropause, which is also known as male menopause. Men that are entering andropause often experience symptoms such as low libido, decreased mental alertness, weight gain, and lethargy. They might also become irritable, nervous, and anxious in situations where they would have felt at ease in their younger days. The hormones and extracts in Provacyl help to alleviate these symptoms and restore balance to a man’s hormones.

   The Natural Extracts in Provacyl

  • Gingko Biloba Leaf- Gingko biloba leaf has been used in Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years, and it has proven itself to be safe and effective. Gingko biloba stimulates the body’s vascular system, which promotes blood flow to the cerebellum and the genitals. Increased blood flow to the cerebellum can help improve mental functions, such as concentration and memory. Increased blood flow to the genitals helps promote sexual health in men. Many men that take Provacyl find that the gingko biloba increases their libidos and helps them achieve harder erections and longer stamina.

  • Panax Ginseng- Panax ginseng has also been used for thousands of years. It is known as a cure-all and is included in Provacyl to prevent some of the symptoms of andropause. Panax ginseng has been used to treat depression, lethargy, insomnia. Many men find that ginseng can boost their endurance, mental agility, and libidos.

  • Tribulus Terrestris- Tribulus terrestris has been used by many people to successfully treat premature ejaculation. It has been shown to increase a man’s libido and has even been used to cure impotence. This herb also promotes Lutenizing hormone in the body, which helps promote testosterone production. Since low testosterone levels are a major contributor to andropause symptoms, tribulus terrestris can be very beneficial at eliminating these symptoms.

  •    The Hormones in Provacyl

  • Anterior Pituitary- Low levels of human growth hormone often marks the beginning stages of andropause. As the body continues to produce less of this hormone, many people experience more severe andropause symptoms. Anterior pituitary helps increase the body’s protein metabolism, fat metabolism, and carbohydrate metabolism. This helps prevent the weight gain that is often associated with andropause, allowing men to live healthier, happier lives.

  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone- Many men find that their reproductive systems produce less semen as they get older. This decline in sexual virility can be changed by using follicle-stimulating hormone. This hormone helps increase sperm production, which results in increased amounts of semen.

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone- Dehydroepiandrosterone is produced by the adrenal glands. It is then turned into androgen, which is the male sex hormone. Dehydroepiandrosterone has been shown to have several positive effects on the body. It boosts the body’s immune system, helps men manage diabetes, and helps prevent heart disease.

  • By combining natural herbs that have been used for thousands of years with the most recent discoveries in medical science, Provacyl can safely and effectively prevent the symptoms of andropause. Many men have used Provacyl to regain the vigor that they experienced in their youth, as Provacyl targets the root of the biological problems.

    Medical Professionals have specially formulated Provacyl to get you back to where you can get the most out of your life. Get yourself back sexually and physically. Provacyl helps your body decrease fat and increase lean muscle mass, making your workouts more effective. Provacyl may help to boost your mood, energy level and sex drive. The ingredients in Provacyl have even been reported to help reduce wrinkles and age spots. Your sexual stamina could use a boost right?


    Provacyl™ has a 90 day 100% money back guarantee which is enough to allay your fears. You hardly find any product with this kind of thing.

    1 Month Supply: Was $78.95 Now $59.95
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    4 Month Supply: Was $228.95 Now $199.95
    5 Month Supply: Was $248.95 Now $244.95

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       What People Are Saying About Provacyl

    “As I got older, I found myself missing out on all the activities that I most enjoyed when I was younger. I became incredibly frustrated because my body just didn't function the way it used to. I tried multiple products, claiming to turn back time, but none of them seemed to help, until I found Provacyl™. Not only do I feel younger but I have the energy to do everything I was missing and for so much longer than I could before. Thanks for creating this great product!”
    - John, Phoenix, Arizona

    “When I started taking Provacyl, I began to feel like I was back in the prime of my life! Provacyl™ gave me the energy to improve my work functions, the sex drive to improve my marriage, and the image to improve my self-esteem. I’d recommend Provacyl to any man who is afraid of growing older, because now you don’t have to!”
    - Ted, Jackson, Mississippi

    “For a while, I accepted my fate of aging because I didn’t believe in taking pills. When I learned that Provacyl was a natural supplement with endless benefits, I became interested. I started taking Provacyl™ last month and love the results. I'm so glad I found out that there’s an alternative to feeling old. Thanks!”
    - Doug, Cincinnati, Ohio

    When you are on the Provacyl™ official site make sure to read the testimonials of those who have used this product.

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